Meningoencephalocele: A very rare developmental disorder where a part of the membrane that covers the brain and or part of the brain itself protrudes through an abnormal opening in the skull. The condition may be asymptomatic or if the defect is large, severe neurological abnormalities may result.


* Hydrocephalus * Paralyzed arms and legs * Small head * Vision problems * Developmental delay * Retarded growth * Mental retardation * Seizures * Ataxia * Gap in skull bone * Protruding brain tissue


Conditions listing Meningoencephalocele as a symptom may also be potential underlying causes of Meningoencephalocele. Our database lists the following as having Meningoencephalocele as a symptom of that condition: * Meningoencephalocele - arthrogryposis - hypoplastic thumb


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