Keratomalacia is an eye disorder that leads to a dry cornea. One of its major causes is a deficiency of Vitamin A.


* Night blindness * Dry eyes * Wrinkled cornea * Progressive corneal cloudiness * Progressive softening of cornea * Gray deposits on whites of eyes


Vitamin A deficiency


Mild conjunctival changes or night blindness requires vitamin A replacement in the form of cod liver oil or halibut liver oil. Acute deficiency requires aqueous vitamin A solution I.M., especially when corneal changes have occurred. Therapy for underlying biliary obstruction consists of administration of bile salts; for pancreatic insufficiency, pancreatin. Dry skin responds well to cream-based or petroleum-based products. In patients with chronic malabsorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and in those with low dietary intake, prevention of vitamin A deficiency requires aqueous I.V. supplements or an oral water-miscible preparation.