Jadassohn Lewandowsky syndrome


A rare, inherited disorder characterized by thickening of nails, white patches on mouth and anus(leukoplakia) and thickened hard skin on soles and palms


* Nail shedding * Yellow wedge-like thickening of nails * Prominent transverse nail curve * Inflammatory nail changes * Erupted teeth at birth * Corneal dyskeratosis * Keratoderma of palms * Keratoderma of soles * Excessive sweating of feet * Foot blisters * Ankle blisters * Toe blisters * Horny skin bumps on face * Horny skin bumps on extremities * Oral mucosal leukoplakia * Anal mucosal leukoplakia * Growth of excess hair * Progressive nail thickening * Abnormal nails * Thick skin on palms * Thick skin on soles * Painful blistered calluses on soles of feet * Painful blistered calluses on palms of hands * Premature eruption of teeth * White tongue * Skin lumps * Skin cysts * Sparse scalp hair * Teeth present at birth * Premature primary teeth eruption * Laryngeal problems


Currently, no ideal treatment for the thickened nail plate is available, although a few therapeutic options have been suggested.