Infantile myofibromatosis


Infantile myofibromatosis: A benign fibrous tumor that usually occurs in children or infants. The tumor is not cancerous but the location and size of the tumor can cause problems and even death in some cases if certain organs are involved. Tumors can occur in the skin, muscle, internal organs and bone.


The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Infantile myofibromatosis includes the 4 symptoms listed below: * Skin lump * Bone lump * Muscle lump * Lump


These home medical tests may be relevant to Infantile myofibromatosis: * Colon & Rectal Cancer: Home Testing o Home Colorectal Cancer Tests o Home Fecal Occult Bleeding Tests * Cold & Flu: Home Testing: o Home Fever Tests o Home Ear Infection Tests o Home Flu Tests


Prognosis of Infantile myofibromatosis: spontaneous regression, reoccurrence after excision and rarely, death in cases of organ involvement are all possible


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