Iida Kannari syndrome


Iida-Kannari syndrome: A rare congenital disorder characterized by joint contractures, scoliosis, cleft palate, abnormal ears and premature fusion of skull bones.


The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Iida-Kannari syndrome includes the 16 symptoms listed below: * Premature fusion of skull bones * Abnormal skull shape * Deformed ears * Cleft palate * Abnormally round skull * Long thin fingers * Finger contractures * Trismus * Temperomandibular contractures * Flat ear helices * Protruding ears * Wide set eyes * Protruding eyes * Mildly recessed jaw * Small mouth * Mild scoliosis


* Abnormal skull shape * Cleft palate * Long thin fingers * Premature fusion of skull bones * Protruding ears * Protruding eyes * Small mouth * Trismus * Wide set eyes