Horton’s disease


A systemic autoimmune vasculitis occurring primarily in people over the age of 50. Pathologic features include a necrotizing panarteritis including granulomas and giant cells. There is a predilection for involvement of central nervous system blood vessels and the most frequent neurologic complication is an OPTIC NEUROPATHY, ISCHEMIC. Large blood vessels may become involved, including the aorta. Clinical manifestations may include myalgias, weight loss, headache, visual loss, necrosis of the skin or tongue, and chest discomfort. Superficial scalp arteries may become tender and enlarged. A related condition, juvenile temporal arteritis, tends to occur in the first or second decade of life.


* Headache * Excruciating headache - usually over one eye and on the forehead. * One-sided headache * Pain around one eye and shooting to the top of the head * Eye pain - cluster headaches may begin as pain around an eye


* Medications * Sumatriptan * Dihydroergotamine (injected) - a form of ergotamine tartrate * Methysergide * Corticosteroids - pills or injections