Holoprosencephaly- recurrent infections- and monocytosis


A rare syndrome characterized by recurring infections and a brain anomaly. Death usually occurs during the first years of life due to sepsis.


* Holoprosencephaly * Recurring infections * Increased level of monocytes in peripheral blood * Small head * Unusual facial appearance * Sloping forehead * Abnormal ears * Epicanthic folds * Narrow ear lobes * Inverted nipples * Small penis * Undescended testes * Tapered fingers * Short toes * Severe mental retardation * Severe developmental delay * Failure to thrive * Short fingers * Recurring respiratory infections * Recurring skin infections * Absent corpus callosum * Brain anomalies * Interhemispheric brain cyst


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Prognosis of Holoprosencephaly, recurrent infections, and monocytosis: death due to sepsis during the first decade of life