Hollow visceral myopathy


A digestive disorder where the intestines are unable to contract normally and push food through the digestive system. This results in symptoms similar to an obstruction and hence the name pseudo-obstruction. The walls of the affected gastrointestinal tract becomes thin and the muscles that control its motion start to degenerate


* Cramps * Stomach pain * Nausea * Vomiting * Bloating * Fewer bowel movements * Loose stool * Constipation * Colicky pain * Vomiting * Weight loss * Failure to thrive * Central nervous system deterioration * Speech disturbances * Neuromuscular symptoms * Abdominal pain * Malabsorption * Enlarged small intestine * Enlarged bowel * Stomach cramps * Reduced bowel movements * Enlarged abdomen * Abnormal bowel sounds * Tender abdomen * Swallowing difficulty


* Lupus erythematosus * Scleroderma * Parkinson's disease


* Intravenous feeding * Antibiotics * Colon resection


Hollow visceral myopathy: Another name for Intestinal pseudo-obstruction