Giant pigmented hairy nevus


A large hairy pigmented area on the skin.


Hairy pigmented area on skin


Bathing trunk nevi are thought to be caused by defects or problems that occur as a baby grows in the womb. However, in some families bathing trunk nevus may be inherited. Bathing trunk nevus may occur with: * Growth of fatty tissue cells (lipomas) * Neurofibromatosis * Other nevi * Spina bifida The risk of this condition is thought to be 3 – 7%.


Bathing trunk nevi are not serious, unless the nevus turns into skin cancer (malignant melanoma).


Treatment consists of surgery to remove the nevus. Skin grafting is done when necessary. Extremely large nevi may be removed in several stages. Although surgical removal is the treatment of choice, lasers can also be used to improve the appearance. Steroid medications may be used, but they can have side effects.