Gastro-enteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumor


A rare form of gastrointestinal tumor. It includes two main groups of cancer called carcinoid and endocrine pancreatic tumors. Some of the tumors consist of hormone secreting cells which results in excessive secretion of certain hormones


* Asymptomatic in early stages * Abdominal mass * Flushing * Diarrhea * Constricted bronchi


CT-scans, MRIs, sonography (ultrasound), and endoscopy (including endoscopic ultrasound) are common diagnostic tools. Symptoms from hormone secretions or from carcinoid syndrome, or measures of the corresponding hormones in the blood, can aid in diagnosis. CT-scans using contrast medium can detect 95 percent of tumors over 3 cm in size, and no tumors under 1 cm


Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy