Gardner-Diamond Syndrome




Gardner-Diamond Syndrome is a rare inherited disorder characterized by bruises which form readily, tend to spread and are painful, often associated with physical or psychosocial stress. It most commonly affects women and has been described in children and adolescents.

This illness represents a type of chronic unexplained medical symptom where patients present with real, sometimes bewildering, medical signs and symptoms.


The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Gardner-Diamond Syndrome includes the symptoms listed below:

  • localized tingling
  • localized burning
  • skin hemorrhage
  • bruises
  • progressively enlarged bruises
  • sensation of pain and warmth deep under the skin at a particular site
  • abdominal pain and nausea
  • emesis and lost of appetite
  • headaches


The pain required narcotics, which are delivered by patient-controlled analgesia because oral and intravenous analgesia administered as needed failed to control the symptoms. Poor oral intake with nausea and vomiting necessitated the use of total parenteral nutrition, requiring frequent intravenous line changes.