Forney Robinson Pascoe syndrome


Forney Robinson Pascoe syndrome: A rare condition characterized by skeletal abnormalities, deafness and mitral regurgitation.


Congenital heart disease Mitral regurgitation Short stature Deafness Fusion of hand bones


Conductivehearing loss Externalauditory canal disorders Atresia of external auditory canal Impacted cerumen Otitis externa Exostosis Masses Middle ear disorders Acuteand chronic otitis media Otitis media with effusion Tympanic membrane perforation Hemotympanum Tympanosclerosis Ossicular chain defect, disruption,or fixation Cholesteatoma and other middle earmasses Sensorineural hearing loss Sensorineuralhearing loss without associated abnormalities Sensorineural hearing loss with associatedabnormalities Chromosomal disorders Inner ear malformations Labyrinthineaplasia Common cavity malformation Cochlear malformations Large vestibular aqueduct Prematurity Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy Bilirubin encephalopathy (kernicterus) Infection Trauma Drugs Perilymph fistula Neoplasm Ménière disease Unknown Mixed hearing loss


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