Formaldehyde poisoning


Formaldehyde is a nearly colorless gas with a pungent, irritating odor even at very low concentrations (below 1 ppm). Its vapors are flammable and explosive. Because the pure gas tends to polymerize, it is commonly used and stored in solution. Formalin, the aqueous solution of formaldehyde (30% to 50% formaldehyde), typically contains up to 15% methanol as a stabilizer.


Mind; Forgetfulness. Anxiety, Unconciousness Head; Coryza, eyes water, Vertigo Mouth; Ptyalism, thick saliva; loss of taste Stomach; Food feels as if it were a ball in stomach. Burning in mouth and stomach. Abdomen; Intense urging to stool, watery stool. Urinary: Anuria, albuminous urine Respiratory: Dyspnea, Laryngismus stridulus, Whooping cough Fever; Chills in forenoon, followed by long fever. Bones ache during whole paroxism. During fever, forgets where he was. Skin: leather-like, deeply wrinkled face, scales. (Marlboro Man syndrome) Eczema in neighborhood of wound. Damp sweat most marked on right upper extremities. Generalities: Cancer