Flaujeac factor deficiency


Flaujeac trait is the functional deficiency of a plasma protein of the intrinsic coagulation, kinin-forming, and plasma fibrinolytic pathways. The Flaujeac factor in man has been isolated and tentatively identified as a kininogen of high molecular weight (HMW). Highly purified bovine HMW-kininogen, but not bovine low molecular weight kininogen, repaired Flaujeac factor deficiency. The two subspecies of this molecule, HMW-kininogen a and HMW-kininogen b, also corrected Flaujeac factor deficiency. When bovine HMW-kininogen was incubated with bovine plasma kallikrein, kinin-free HMW-kininogen, bradykinin, and a glycopeptide fragment (peptide 1-2; 12,584 daltons) were rapidly released. None of these fragmentation products corrected Flaujeac factor deficiency alone or in mixtures. T