FG syndrome 3


A rare inherited disorder characterized by anal abnormalities, reduced muscle tone and abnormal brain development. In type 3, the genetic defect is located on chromosome Xp22.3.


* Mental deficiency * Delayed motor development * Reduced muscle tone * Abnormal EEG * Seizures * Strabismus * Hyperactivity * Short attention span * Affable personality * Extroverted personality * Temper tantrums when frustrated * Short stature * Large head * Large anterior fontanel * Prominent forehead * Frontal hair upsweep * Widely spaced eyes * Prominent lower lip * Small ears * Simple ears * Face wrinkles * Fine hair * Sparse hair * Epicanthal folds * Short space between eyelids * Down slanting space between eyelids * Narrow palate * Large cornea * Anal abnormalities * Narrowed anal opening * Absent anal opening * Anus misplaced forwards * Constipation * Broad thumbs * Broad big toes * Clinodactyly * Camptodactyly * Multiple joint contractures * Syndactyly * Simian crease * Minor vertebral defects * Abnormal sternum * Sacral dimple * Undescended testes * Low dermal ridge count * Persistent fetal fingertip pads * Cardiac defect * Sensorineural deafness


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