Dystonia musculorum deformans type 1


A rare movement disorder where the patient suffers involuntary muscle contractions and distortion of body position. The trunk, neck and limbs are usually involved first.


* Muscle spasms * Dystonia * Prolonged muscle contractions * Abnormal posture


signs and symptoms of Dystonia musculorum deformans type 1 may vary on an individual basis for each patient. Only your doctor can provide adequate diagnosis of any signs or symptoms and whether they are indeed Dystonia musculorum deformans type 1 symptoms.


* Abnormal posture: A posture that varies from what is considered normal * Dystonia: Muscle problems causing movement disorders * Muscle spasms: Involuntary movement or contraction of muscles without full control * Torsion dystonia: A movement disorder where the muscles contract and contort uncontrollably due to neurological dysfunction.