Diffuse neonatal hemangiomatosis


Diffuse neonatal hemangiomatosis: A very rare syndrome characterized mainly by multiple capillary hemangiomas as well as other abnormalities.


The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Diffuse neonatal hemangiomatosis includes the 16 symptoms listed below: * Anemia * Underdeveloped kidneys * Blood clotting problems * Capillary hemangioma * Enlarged liver * Increased blood calcium level * Premature birth * Kidney failure * Stillbirth * Infant death * Thrombocytopenia * Ascites * Fetal hydrops * Heart abnormality (patent ductus arteriosus) * Polyhydramnios * Skull abnormality


* Anemia * Ascites * Enlarged liver * Increased blood calcium level * Infant death * Kidney failure * Premature birth * Stillbirth * Thrombocytopenia * Underdeveloped kidneys


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