Degenerative motor system disease


Any of a number of condition characterized by destruction of nerves that carry signals to muscles (motor neurons) and results in various muscle problems. The nerve destruction is often progressive leading to increasingly severe muscle problems.


* Tremors * Muscle wasting * Spasticity * Muscle rigidity * Reduced muscle tone * Reduced tendon reflexes * Absent tendon reflexes * Excessive tendon reflexes * Muscle fasciculations


This medical information about signs and symptoms for Degenerative motor system disease has been gathered from various sources, may not be fully accurate, and may not be the full list of Degenerative motor system disease signs or Degenerative motor system disease symptoms. Furthermore, signs and symptoms of Degenerative motor system disease may vary on an individual basis for each patient. Only your doctor can provide adequate diagnosis of any signs or symptoms and whether they are indeed Degenerative motor system disease symptoms.


* Muscle atrophy: Decrease in size and bulk of muscle. * Muscle rigidity: The occurrence of resistance to passively moving a muscle * Muscle symptoms: Symptoms affecting the muscles of the body * Muscle weakness: A condition which is characterized by an inability of the muscles to function at their full strenght