Corneal anesthesia deafness mental retardation


A very rare genetic disorder characterized distinctive facial features, ductus arteriosus, mental retardation and vision problems.


Corneal hypoesthesia Retinal abnormality Unusual facial features Ductus arteriosus Mental retardation Widely spaced eyes Flat face Protruding forehead Depressed nasal bridge Underdeveloped mid-face Visual disturbances


Conductivehearing loss 1. Externalauditory canal disorders 1. Atresia of external auditory canal 2. Impacted cerumen 3. Otitis externa 4. Exostosis 5. Masses 2. Middle ear disorders 1. Acuteand chronic otitis media 2. Otitis media with effusion 3. Tympanic membrane perforation 4. Hemotympanum 5. Tympanosclerosis 6. Ossicular chain defect, disruption,or fixation 7. Cholesteatoma and other middle earmasses