Congenital heart disease radio ulnar synostosis mental retardation


A very rare syndrome characterized mainly by heart disease at birth , fusion of forearm bones and mental retardation.


* Mental retardation * Heart disease * Short stature * Small head * High arched palate * Underdeveloped jaw * Low-set ears * Widely spaced eyes * Strabismus * Winged scapula * High blood pressure in lungs * Fusion of forearm bones * Bowed legs * Heart defect * Narrowed pulmonary valve * Asymmetrical limbs


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* Congenital heart disease radio ulnar synostos mental retardation: A very rare syndrome characterized mainly by the presence of mental retardation, congenital heart disease and fusion of the forearm bones. * Ear symptoms: Symptoms affecting the ear or hearing * Eye symptoms: Symptoms affecting the eye * Heart disease: Any of various heart conditions. * Heart symptoms: Symptoms affecting the heart * High arched palate: A condition where the roof of the mouth is higher in the mouth than normal. * Leg symptoms: Symptoms affecting the leg * Mental retardation: A mental condition that is characterised by a significantly low IQ * Short stature: A very rare genetic disorder involving short stature, mental retardation, abnormal development of various bones. * Small head: The occurrence of a head which is smaller than normal * Squint: Eyes not moving together properly