Chromosome 15- partial tetrasomy


Isodicentric 15, also called idic(15), partial tetrasomy 15q, or inverted duplication 15 (inv dup 15) is a rare chromosomal disorder where there are four copies of a portion of the long arm of chromosome 15 instead of the normal two resulting in various abnormalities.


* Craniosynostosis * Low set ears * Cupped ears * Downward slanting space between eyelids * Blepharophimosis * Turricephaly * Small jaw * Retrognathia * Sloping forehead * Cranial asymmetry * Bulbous nose * Long philtrum * Nasal stenosis * Small mouth * Down turned corners of mouth * Midline in lower ip * Highly arched palate * Asymmetrical thorax * Short neck * Arachnodactyly * Overlapping toes * Kyphosis * Scoliosis * Atrio-septal defect * Left-right shunt * Hydrdonephrosis * Mental retardation * Accelerated growth after birth * Deafness * Monochromatism * Apnea neonatorum


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