Chromosome 12p deletion


Chromosome 12p deletion syndrome: A rare chromosomal disorder where there is a deletion of the short arm (p) of chromosome 12 resulting in various abnormalities.


* Small head * Narrow back of skull * Prominent back of skull * Frontal bossing * Small jaw * Retrognathia * Flat midface * Low set ears * Malformed ears * Widely spaced eyes * Synophrys * Downward slanting space between eyelids * Sclerocornea * Blue sclera * Strabismus * Optic atrophy * Prominent nasal bridge * Flat nasal bridge * Bulbous nose * Upturned nose tip * Pit at base of nasal septum * Choanal atresia * Epicanthal folds * Delayed dentition * Crowded teeth * Malocclusion * Tooth agenesis * Enamel hypoplasia * Highly arched palate * Narrow palate * Protruding tongue * Cleft lip * Short neck * Redundant neck skin * Asymmetric thorax * Pectus excavatum * Widely set nipples * Inguinal hernia * Omphalocele * Camptodactyly * Ulnar finger deviation * Low set thumbs * Excessive muscle tone * Reduced muscle tone * Hypoplastic toe nails * Seizures * Coarctation of aorta * Ventricular septal defect * Aortic stenosis * Absent right pulmonary artery * Atrial septal defect * Small penis * Undescended testes * Growth retardation * Mental retardation


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