Angioma serpiginosum- autosomal dominant


Autosomal dominant angioma serpiginosum
Angioma serpiginosum


Angioma serpiginosum is an uncommon benign skin disorder characterized by asymptomatic clusters of nonpurpuric punctate erythematous lesions. The rash is asymptomatic but may lead to cosmetic problems and can be treated by laser therapy. Women are most commonly affected, and the disorder is most often sporadic, although rare families suggestive of autosomal dominant inheritance have been reported (Sandhu and Gupta, 2005). No male-to-male transmission has been described, but father-to-daughter transmissions are known. It has been suggested that the pattern of skin involvement may be due to cutaneous somatic mosaicism


  • Hypermelanotic macule
  • Telangiectasia of the skin


Angioma serpiginosum may be familial, with autosomal dominant inheritance and variable penetrance.


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