Ackerman syndrome




Ackerman syndrome is a familial syndrome of fused molar roots with a single canal (taurodontism), hypotrichosis, full upper lip without a cupid's bow, thickened and wide philtrum, and occasional juvenile glaucoma. It was described by James L. Ackerman, A. Leon Ackerman, and A. Bernard Ackerman.

It can also refer to interstitial granulomatous dermatitis.


  • Fused molar roots
  • Single root canal
  • Juvenile glaucoma
  • Sparse body hair
  • Full upper lip
  • Abnormal hair quantity
  • Deep philtrum
  • Exaggerated cupid's bow
  • Taurodontia
  • Thick lower lip vermilion
  • Thick philtrum
  • Syndactyly
  • Increased pigmentation of finger joints
  • Clinodactyly of fifth finger


Ackerman syndrome is a birth defect. The syndrome tends to run in families, suggesting an inherited genetic mutation is involved.


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