Third Symposium ATP1A3 in disease: Genotype/phenotype correlations, modelling and identification of potential targets for treatment

The 14th International Conference on Na,K-ATPase and related transport ATPases will cover structure, mechanism, cell biology, health and disease of all P-type ATPases. Leading scientist and representatives of major pharmaceutical companies from all over the world will present and discuss their latest news on P-type ATPases.


The conference will be held in Lunteren, The Netherlands. We ask you to save the following dates in your calender: August 30 to September 05, 2014.


All updates and news will be communicated using a mailing list, therefore, we encourage you to subscribe and help us, the organizers, to identify other interested people, which were inadvertently omitted in the initial version of the mailing list.


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Abstract submission and Registration will be handeled by ASBMB, we are happy to have this organisation as sponsor again. Also here, notification will come soon.


We are looking forward to welcoming you in The Netherlands.