The 5th International Workshop on AKU

Science Day – Friday 18 November:

– Building clinical trials for AKU using a disease severity score index

– Nitisinone, from weed killer to wonder drug

– Metabolomic investigation in AKU and OA

– Enzyme replacement therapy for AKU

– Gene therapy for AKU

– Novel biomarkers of cartilage and bone for AKU

– And more!


Patient Information Day – Saturday 19 November:

– The AKU online community, developed with the European Organisation for Rare Diseases.

– Stories from AKU patients about living with the disease

– A demonstration of new physiotherapy techniques for AKU

– Genetic counselling for AKU

– Lay explanations of the latest progress in AKU research


PRICES: 1 day of the Workshop – £60. 2 days of the Workshop – £100.

To book, please e-mail [email protected] by 31 October 2011