The 3rd East-West Biopharma Summit to be held in Singapore March 4-6 2024

Redwood City, CA – Launched in the U.S. in 2022, the BioCentury-BayHelix East-West Summit is where industry leaders and investors gather to debate global development strategy, and to network with peers from both the East and West.

In 2024, BioCentury and BayHelix bring the 3rd East-West Biopharma Summit to Singapore, where 20 years of government-led investment in science, talent and infrastructure has set the stage for the life sciences industry to carry the ball forward.

The East-West Biopharma Summit is THE forum to debate globalization strategies and form trusted cross-border relationships. There is no other strategic venue of this kind.

Unparalleled networking and market access: The Summit is an elite event offering unparalleled networking with C-level executives, VCs, and key APAC partners. It’s a gateway to new funding sources and influential family offices in the APAC region, fostering significant growth opportunities and market expansion.

Strategic audience engagement and expansion opportunities: With a focus on key VCs and their limited partners, the Summit engages major players in the APAC biopharma sector. This targeted approach maximizes reach and impact, connecting attendees with new partners and investors.


Who should attend?

This C-suite conference is designed for financial dealmakers, biopharma executives, venture capitalists, private investors and policy makers.

It is the place to network, partner and debate strategies for global development.

It is the place to build trusted cross-border relationships.


The program is tailored for:


Biotechs seeking new partnerships in Asia

Family Offices looking to be an LP for Western VCs

Big Biopharmas exploring how Singapore is changing and moving towards innovation.


Who will I meet?


Don’t miss the opportunity to meet with VCs, CEOs, CFOs, CBOs, and decision-makers shaping the future of innovation – from both the East and West including executives from: A*STAR, Accelerator Life Science Partners, Acousia Therapeutics, ASLAN Pharmaceuticals, AUM Biosciences, Auransa, B7 Therapeutics, Candel Therapeutics, CBC Group, Citi, ClavystBio, DotBio, EDBI, Exegenesis Bio, Flagship Pioneering, GeneMedicine, Heritas Capital, Hua Medicine, Hummingbird Biosciences, LYFE Capital, Medigene, MindRank Technologies, MSD, NAH, Novo Holdings, Nuevocor, Panacea Venture, Polaris Partners, Qiming Venture Partners, RetiMark, and Vertex Ventures among others.


For further details about the congress, including registration , please click here.


Summit Details

When:  March 4-6 2024

Venue:  ParkRoyal Collection in Marina Bay – 6 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039594