The 38th Human Anatomy & Physiology Society (HAPS) Annual Conference will be held in St. Louis, Missouri on May 25-29, 2024

LaGrange, GA – HAPS is open to anyone interested in Anatomy & Physiology Education, and currently includes over 1,700 members from high schools, two and four year colleges, universities, and private businesses in the United States, Canada and throughout the rest of the world.

The annual HAPS national conference, regional conferences, the HAPS-EDucator and HAPS Institute courses provide members with an important means of updating their knowledge, improving technical/pedagogical skills, investigating new technologies for the laboratory/classroom, as well as networking with a growing international contingent of peers.


  • To enhance the quality of human anatomy and physiology instruction at colleges, universities, and related institutions.
  • To promote and facilitate communication and collaboration among teachers of human anatomy and physiology.
  • To encourage innovation, educational research, and publication by human anatomy and physiology teachers.
  • To promote and organize professional development programs for the teaching of human anatomy and physiology.
  • To promote interaction among science teachers at all educational levels.
  • To provide the membership with opportunities to become and remain informed about the latest developments in the health/science field.
  • To facilitate communication with other sectors of the educational and scientific community and to collect and disseminate to the membership information regarding events of interest.
  • To foster a sense of collegiality and camaraderie among members.


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Conference at a glance

When: May 25-29, 2024

Venue: The Marriott St. Louis Grand – 800 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63101