The 1st European Days of Albinism

The First European Days of Albinism will take place in Paris on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October 2012.

This conference has received the support of the European Society for Pigment Cell Research and of Alliance Maladies-Rares.

This conference will gather representatives of European organizations of people with albinism, doctors and physicians specializing in fields related to albinism and scientists conducting research on albinism. For the first time, these three major actors of the European world of albinism will have the opportunity to meet, exchange and discuss potential future collaborations.

This conference should allow the development of a European plan of action to help people with albinism. It should lead to:

Developing programs that explain albinism to the general public

Building a scientific and medical state of the art of albinism

Improving clinical and molecular diagnosis

Supporting therapy development programs


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