Rare Disease Economics and Orphan Drug Commercialization Summit 2014

The Rare Disease Economics and Orphan Drug Commercialization, organized by the World Congress will take place from 22nd September to the 23rd September 2014 at the Hilton Boston Back Bay in Boston, USA. The conference will cover areas like Discover recent findings on global orphan drug patient access issues from a Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development Impact Report. Some prominent speakers include Oved Amitay, Edward Buckley, Joshua P. Cohen, Christine Colby, Anne Marie Finley.

Rare disease has long been an important field for biotech and pharmaceutical involvement. With few competitors in the space for specific molecules and indications, brands have previously maintained significant influence on the market and pricing indications. Momentum from regulatory approval, reduced timelines, and commercial incentives enhance the value of orphan drugs. As increased orphan drugs are being added and removed from formulary, market access indications are shifting into a greater unknown.

An enhanced understanding of the commercial economics of this space is necessary for greater forecasting and success in rare disease commercialization. This Summit evaluates the economic prowess and indications for orphan drug development, patient access, market access, pricing, and reimbursement.