PSC Partners Seeking a Cure’s tenth annual conference

We’re pleased to announce PSC Partners Seeking a Cure’s tenth annual conference for PSCers and caregivers which will take place in Denver, Colorado April 25-27. The 2014 conference has been organized in conjunction with Drs. Greg Everson and Lisa Forman and their colleagues at University of Colorado Hospital and Drs. Cara Mack, Shikha Sundaram and Michael Narkewicz at Children’s Hospital Colorado. This year, we will be celebrating our foundation’s tenth anniversary, so please join us for this special weekend.

TEEN PROGRAM: We have organized some targeted activities for the teen PSCers attending the conference. Once the teens register for the conference, we will send them an update.

ATTENDEES: The nature of all conference activities is exclusively directed towards PSC patients and caregivers 13 years of age and older. We do not have the resources to provide activities, childcare or meals for children under 13 years old.

CONTACT: [email protected]