Protein Discovery Summit 2014

GTCbio is delighted to present the Protein Discovery Summit 2014 to be held on October 23-24, 2014 in Boston, MA. This summit covers major hot topics in the field that split into four parallel conferences.

Areas of discussion include novel techniques, new algorithms and databases for PPIs, and potential druggable sites for disrupting protein-protein interactions. Data and case studies on key topics such as antibody drug conjugates, bispecific antibodies and overcoming the blood-brain barrier will also be discussed. This unique multi conference summit also covers the expression of difficult proteins, new methods of purification, extended characterization of production cell lines, the production of reagents for biologic programs, and analytical tools and computational methods. Don’t miss Important insights on how to overcome the many hurdles and answer exciting key questions for the successful development of new drugs and targeting kinase signaling. Come hear experts share their positive and negative experiences on how predictive preclinical models are with clinical efficacy and toxicology!

The Protein Discovery Summit is the ideal venue to network with your fellow researchers, providing access to over 125 presentations from leading industrial and academic experts and will feature research findings, case studies and technology advancements.

The Protein Discovery Summit 2014 includes four parallel conferences:

2nd Protein-Protein Interaction

2nd Antibody & Protein Therapeutics

2nd Protein Expression, Characterization & Purification

3rd Protein Kinases & Drug Design