PRF 10th Anniversary Workshop on Progeria-“From Bench to Bedside in a Decade”

The goals of the 2010 Workshop is to provide a platform that will assemble clinicians and scientists, integrate their findings, and facilitate new directions within both clinical and basic science research. The main focus is to bring basic and clinical scientists together to promote collaboration and progress in Progeria research. It is the only meeting of its kind, and is essential for promoting a bench to bedside view of the field, and productive discussion between basic and translational scientists regarding not only Progeria, but also aging and CVD. Importantly, it will provide a forum for examining simultaneously in vitro studies, mouse model studies, and as yet unpublished human treatment trial outcomes. Progeria research is at a pinnacle, with more peer-review papers emerging than ever before with three clinical trials in progress, and with a plethora of new data examining the links between HGPS, aging and CVD. The 2010 PRF workshop will provide an exciting forum for sharing data and ideas about how to continue pushing towards a greater understanding of how these fields relate to one another.

For information and registration please visit the Conference Web Site