Orphan Drugs Summit 2011

Orphan Drugs Summit 2011: The market earned revenues for orphan drugs is estimated to reach USD 27.09 billion in 2015*. It is no surprise that this niche market is now attracting an even higher interest from not only small and medium enterprises, but from large pharmaceutical companies looking at adding orphan drugs products to their blockbuster portfolio and capture new revenue streams.

Join us to get the latest on:

  • Market access, marketing approval and partnerships to effectively distribute and safeguard patient access to orphan drugs globally.
  • The UK, the Netherlands and other Member States’ pricing and value issues affecting the orphan drugs’ financial return.
  • Orphan drugs market dynamics: large pharma alliance, partnership and business models to gain new markets and the impact to the existing orphan drugs market praxis.
  • Improved clinical trials, diagnosis and assessment to ensure safety and quality and speed up patient access to orphan drugs.
  • EU & US orphan drugs regulations, funding mechanisms, collaboration initiatives and processes to support orphan drug development.

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