Novel treatment of pediatric Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors (GIST)

Description: The goals of the pre-clinic conference will be to present
up to date information from leaders in the field of pediatric GIST. At
this conference the cumulative data of oncologists who have treated
patients with GIST will be obtained. Previous treatments that have, or
have not, been successful can be identified. In the second session, the
goal of the clinic will be to obtain history, radiographic and
molecular pathology results for children with GIST. The results of
these patient histories will be combined those obtained in the first
session. At the end of these sessions, we anticipate on having the
complete history of 20 patients. The goal of the post-clinic conference
will be to parse through these histories to see what treatments have
been tried for these patients, and which of those have been successful.
It may also be possible to stratify patients to identify those that may
have a better chance of responding to new therapy. The goal is to
develop an agreed upon unified treatment approach that will generate a
protocol at the national level. Delegation of responsibilities to begin
a national study will also take place at this time

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