Next-Generation Sequencing: Opportunities & Challenges Conference

We welcome you to join us at GTC’s Next-Generation Sequencing: Opportunities & Challenges Conference on October 7-8, 2013 in BerlinGermany. This conference gathers the foremost experts to present on leading-edge technology in Next-Generation Sequencing. Join your peers in this one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from leading academicians and industry specialists presenting on the top NGS platforms, novel applications, clinical investigations, health economics, transcriptomics, infectious disease investigations, nanotechnology and emerging technologies, ancient and forensic DNA studies, whole genome sequencing, single-cell analysis, and epigenetics. In addition, the world’s leading bioinformaticians will drill-down on developments in NGS big data, cloud systems, clinical and cancer genomics data, database integration, the Galaxy Project and pipelines, BaseSpace, and much more!