New therapies for Chronic Recurrent Osteomyelitis (CRMO), Synovitis, Acne, Pustulosis, Hyperostosis and Osteitis (SAPHO) Syndrome as well as Behcet`s Disease through understanding the pathogenesis

poster sessions are thought to facilitate exchange and discussion.
New Collaborations: As the prevalence of these diseases we propose to
study is low, it is important to foster collaborations with other
centers. As we have worked in NIAMS to with adult and pediatric centers
in treating patients with a number of rare autoinflammatory diseases,
we propose to forge collaborations addressing the pediatric and adult
community. It also generates now opportunities for new investigators to
become involved in translational studies.
Development of a multicenter clinical trial with a strong translational
research component: The meeting allows ample time to develop inclusion
criteria, outcome measures and translational studies including
biomarker evaluation for both diseases, CRMO/SAPHO and Behcet?s. The
declared goal of this meeting is to develop a clinical trial outline
for both diseases.

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