New directions in biology and disease of skeletal muscle

key goals of the conference are (a) to allow investigators access to
data before publication early access to information allows this
information to be used by other investigators and for new
collaborations to form to move scientific discovery forward faster; (b)
to allow for the identification of common molecular defects in
genetically diverse forms of disease common molecular defects may
provide molecular targets that are broadly useful for treating muscle
disease, thereby facilitating more rapid and broadly applicable therapy
development; and (c) to provide trainees and young investigators a
forum in which to present data trainees have constituted approximately
25% of prior conferences in this series, approximately 25% of trainee
attendees have received direct travel support and all benefit from
reduced registration fees, and the organizers have sought to have
junior investigators make up approximately 20% to 25% of the invited
speaker program, with the overall goal of increasing the number,
scientific breadth, and caliber of investigators working in the muscle
disease field.

Additional Information: Conference Web Site.