Navigating Insurance Issues Part 2 Webinar

Date:  June 18, 2014

Time:  10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET

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Health insurance coverage for patients with rare diseases has undergone significant changes in recent years. At the forefront are changes in how the insurance industry designs and delivers benefits and new coverage options created by the Affordable Care Act.

This upcoming webinar will not only provide further discussion on your questions and concerns following Navigating Insurance Issues Part 1 webinar, but also detail points to consider when attempting to overcome obstacles to accessing your provider or treatment in both government and commercial health insurance plans. It will also include a discussion on shrinking provider networks and helpful information on how to navigate the appeals process, should one or more of your formerly in-network providers be moved out-of-network.

Find out how you can better evaluate what option is best suited for your individual needs by joining us on June 18th.

Panelists: TBD

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