Molecular Oncology: The 6th Vital Sign, What Every Oncologist Should Know

Molecular Oncology: The Sixth Vital Sign, What Every Oncologist Should Know is a conference designed to explore the link between the mechanisms of action of novel therapeutics and specific tumor genetic and host clinical features, thereby unifying molecular diagnostics and therapeutics. Given the explosion of new information on the genetic and cellular features of malignancy and the rapidly growing armamentarium of targeted therapeutics, the modern oncologist must master the significance and application of cancer-related basic and clinical sciences. This gap in knowledge and its application in clinical practice will be addressed in this conference.

The goal of this conference is to address the emerging concept of personalized cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, with an emphasis on drug discovery and applications in defined populations. An additional goal is to discuss the application of currently available diagnostic and treatment modalities in a biologically relevant fashion in order to maximize benefit and minimize harm, a process referred to as the sixth vital sign.

Teaching methods utilized in this conference include didactic presentations to create awareness and increase knowledge, case presentations to aid in the integration of information into practice through the use of realistic patient scenarios, and audience polling and discussion to provide opportunities for interaction. Question-and-answer sessions will give the participants the opportunity to reflect on their practice patterns and discuss barriers to implementation with their peers.


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