Metabolomics – Advances & Applications in Human Disease

GTC is proud to announce the inaugural conference on Metabolomics – Advances & Applications in Human Disease, one of four concurrent conferences to the Drug Discovery Summit 2014 on May 22 – 23, 2014 in Cambridge, MA. The conference will focus on the clinical aspects in the metabolomics field such as advances in metabolite markers for use in personalized medicine, novel computational approaches for metabolome assessment as well as developments in clinical assay standardization and qualification for the implementation of metabolite markers in clinical development of drug candidates.


Below are the preliminary sessions and subtopics for the conference:


I. Metabolite Identification – Targets and Hits &

  • Pathways
  • Identification of Metabolites
  • Discovery of Pathways
  • Mass spectrometry
  • NMR
  • Other analytical techniques


II. Standardization & Validation

  • Assay Standardization
  • CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments)
  • 510K
  • Biobank & clinical sample availability


III. Computational Approaches to Assessing the Metabolome

  • Clinical study design
  • Data analysis in unbiased metabolomics profiling for biomarker discovery
  • Metabolite Informatics
  • Crossing the Omics barrier and interacting with big data


IV. Advances in Metabolite Markers for Personalized Medicine

  • Metabolite markers for responder vs non-responder for a drug
  • Metabolite markers in precision medicine
  • Epidemiology of metabolomics


V. Technological Advances

  • Technologies that enable clinical measurements of metabolites (mass spec, HPLC, Electrofluidic, NMR, Imaging, flow injection)
  • Recent technological developments for measuring the metabolome
  • Advances in technical mass spectrometry


VI. Clinical Assays for Metabolite Markers

  • Clinical Assays Development – Clinical assays & metabolite measurements for the implementation of metabolite markers in clinical development of drug candidates
  • Case studies


Amber Kempf at 626-256-6405 x110 or [email protected]