Male Cancer Research & Drug Discovery

The Male Cancer Research & Drug Discovery conference offers a unique mix of engaging sessions and topics focused on the research and drug discovery of male specific oncology.

The conference includes keynote addresses from representatives from big pharma, academic institutions and government research labs who will present data and case studies on key topics such as prostate cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, PARP inhibitors, prostate cancer genetics and genomics and Immuno-oncology therapy.

Attend to learn and network with key opinion leaders in a highly interactive and intimate environment, benefiting from the exclusive insights of our faculty of senior industry speakers and renowned topic experts and academia.

2014 Session Topics:

I. Prostate Cancer – Diagnostics and Early Detection

II. Genomics and Prostate Cancer

III. Advances for Overcoming Drug Resistance

IV. Clinical Advances in Male Cancer Therapy

V. Rare Male Cancers

Panel Discussion: Therapy and PSA Levels – Are we too aggressive in treating patients based solely on elevated PSA levels?

General Session (both tracks)

I. Advances in Gender Neutral Immuno-Oncology Therapy

II. Advances in Gender Neutral Diagnostic/Detection Strategies

III. Clinical Advances in PARP Inhibitors