Lupus Autoimmunity, Mechanisms and Immune Regulation

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is a unique and complex autoimmune syndrome affecting a variety of tissues and organ systems. The origins of SLE remain largely unexplained although elements of both innate and adaptive immune responses influence the initiation and perpetuation of disease. Moreover, environmental factors combined with both gender and individual genetics play important roles in the disease processes. This two-day symposium will highlight a broad array of topics in the field of lupus autoimmunity, including both basic molecular mechanisms as well as studies in applied immunotherapies in the treatment of disease. In particular, cutting-edge studies will be presented in the fields of B and T lymphocyte-mediated autoimmune pathways, antigen presentation, Toll-like receptor/innate immunobiology, genetic predisposition in lupus, and novel approaches to lupus immunotherapies. The meeting organization is designed to encourage dialog between the many disciplines and expertise of investigators represented at this lupus conference. Finally, the conference will also highlight a series of oral presentations submitted by junior investigators in the field of lupus autoimmunity.

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