International AKU Workshop

The next International AKU Workshop will take place this year in Liverpool on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 November.

The Science Day will be on Friday 18th November followed by the Doctor-Patient Day on Saturday 19th November at the Liverpool Medical Institution.

Topics for the Science Day will include:


– Building clinical trials for AKU using a disease severity score index

– Nitisinone, from weed killer to wonder drug

– Metabolomic investigation in AKU and OA

– Enzyme replacement therapy for AKU

– Gene therapy for AKU

– Novel biomarkers of cartilage and bone for AKU

– And more!


The Doctor-Patient Day will focus on topics such as:

– The new AKU Online Community, developed with the European Organisation for Rare Diseases (Eurordis).

– Stories from AKU patients about living with the disease.

– A demonstration of new physiotherapy techniques for AKU.

– Genetic counselling for AKU.

– Lay explanations of the latest progress in AKU research.


Speakers will include scientists (University of Liverpool, Imperial College, University of Siena), clinicians (Slovakia AKU Centre, Liverpool Hospital, National Institutes of Health), industry (Agilent, Protein Technologies Ltd, Nordic Biosciences) and patient groups (AKU Society, etc). At the previous International AKU Workshop in Cambridge, more than 70 people attended from 10 countries from North America, Europe and the Middle East.

For more information please visit the Alkaptonuria Website