Genomic Disorders 2011 – The Genomics of Rare Diseases

Building on the success of the annual Genomic Disorders meetings held at Hinxton since 2007, Genomic Disorders 2011 presents an exciting blend of genomic science and clinical medicine. Our meeting aims to bring together scientists and clinicians interested in genomic variation in humans and the mechanisms by which it exerts its phenotypic effects.

The pace of change accelerated during 2009 with the first studies using whole genome sequencing approaches to identify mutations causing genetic syndromes and has gathered speed during 2010 with several new disease genes identified by this approach. Data from the 1000 genomes project are also providing immense information regarding human genome structural variation in personal genomes and amongst human populations. This year’s meeting will discuss the latest findings relating to the genomic basis of rare disorders as these give such powerful insights into the molecular toolbox of human biology.

The meeting will take place at the Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, in the convivial setting of the Hinxton Genome Campus where some of the world’s leading scientists can discuss advances in their field and learn about recent progress in others.

Additional speakers will be selected to speak from submitted abstracts.

For information and registration please visit the Concerence Web Site