Genetics and Genomics of Vascular Disease Workshop II

This conference aims to provide an exchange of ideas about genetics, genomics and systems biology in the context of vascular biology to increase our understanding of vascular disease. As such, this innovative workshop will be of interest to a broad spectrum of investigators that do not normally interact with one another.

This unique meeting specifically targets the genetics and genomics of a variety of vascular diseases. We hope to bridge genetics and genomics and systems biology in both animal models of disease, as well as the clinical phenotypes in human patients. This is particularly timely given the rapidly growing and almost overwhelming amount of new information related to genetic and genomic approaches in humans and mammalian experimental models. It is essential to foster active discussion of these findings in an open forum to make concrete advances in our understanding of genetic/genomic/systems contribution to vascular disease. Our long-term goal is to promote the exchange of views between scientists in various disciplines which will lead to new ideas for therapeutics.

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