Genetic Alliance 25th Anniversary Celebration

Genetic Alliance celebrates 25 Years of Innovation in 2011, and we want you to join with us! We mark this anniversary with a Celebration on September 22, 2011, at the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC. Over the past quarter century, Genetic Alliance has dissolved boundaries to foster dialogue among all stakeholders: industry professionals, researchers, healthcare providers, and public policy leaders as well as individuals, families, and communities. The Celebration applauds innovators from across the genetics, health, and advocacy community.

Promote your organization and help Genetic Alliance celebrate 25 Years of Innovation by reserving space in our Celebration Program. The program will feature images of all innovators, as well as ads from supporting individuals and organizations. It will be a great reminder of the incredible visionaries in our community. You want your organization represented in this program!

To reserve space in the Celebration Program, send us your photo or organizational logo along with any text you want to accompany the image. Ad space is available for both individuals and organizations.

For information and registration please visit this Website