First International GENCODYS Conference Integrative Networks in Intellectual Disabilities

The start of a biennial International GENCODYS Conference!

The increasing power of sequencing allows the elucidation of causative genetic defects and risk factors in cognitive disorders (CD) by analysis of entire exomes and even complete genomes. A wide variety of chromosomal aberrations and a bewildering number of single gene mutations underlie intellectual disability (ID), and in a growing number of examples share a common etiology with other cognitive defects such as autism and schizophrenia. Elucidation of the complete landscape of all CD-associated genes will allow us to recognize the underlying common pathological mechanisms. Already now, extensive functional interactions are seen between ID-associated proteins and intricate networks are becoming apparent. Examples include protein networks driving synaptic morphology and plasticity and the epigenetic orchestration of neuronal gene expression.

The European funded research consortium GENCODYS exploits a multilevel approach to resolve the integrative networks in intellectual disabilities. We are bringing together top researchers with complementary expertise and patient representatives to apply a systems biology approach to reveal the common molecular and cellular mechanisms leading to cognitive impairment and translational research possibilities. Our overall concept that also will be strongly reflected in the program of our conference is to: (1) Identify novel genes involved in cognitive disorders; (2) Elucidate associated molecular networks that are commonly disrupted in CD; and (3) Identify genetic modifiers and small compounds that are able to modulate the disease phenotype.

We aim to bring together about 200 top researcher, medical doctors and patient representatives, who represent the top in Cognitive Research and related activities. We will have about 20 invited speakers from the international top including speakers from our own top consortium. An additional 20 speakers will be selected on the bases of their recent achievement and submitted abstract. Talks and submissions for talks have to be related to studies of cognitive dysfunction but can be in widely varying fields, including genetics, cellular, molecular and physiological studies, genomics and epigenomics and bioinformatics. Integrative network approaches and focus on overlapping disease mechanisms between different disorders are prioritized.

If you don’t want to miss the exciting developments in neurogenetics-driven cognitive research, it makes sense to take part in this International Conference on Integrative Networks in Cognitive Dysfunction!

General Information

REGISTRATION is on a first-come first-serve basis. Registration will close 1 March 2013. Registration is handled by PAO Heyendaal:

Click here to register.

  • The actual conference will be held from Monday morning 15 – Wednesday lunch 17 April 2013. The welcome reception is in the evening of 14 April 2013.
  • It will be hosted in a very pleasant environment at the Coral Beach Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus. The registration will include 3 nights stay in the resort based on full board and a social event. Accomodation in the Hotel and Resort of the venue is based on availibility.
  • This is the start of a series of Conferences on Cognitive Disorders with a multidisciplinary approach to be hosted every 2 years.
  • Besides about 20 keynote speakers there will be space for about 20 speakers selected based on recent work and submitted abstracts.

Scientific committee:

  • Hans van Bokhoven
  • Hilger Ropers
  • Annette Schenck
  • Yann Herault
  • Seth Grant
  • Martijn Huynen
  • Frédéric Laumonnier
  • And:
  • Vera Kalscheuer
  • Philippos Patsalis

Contact person:

Dik Hagenbeek

Project Manager GENCODYS

Email: [email protected]

Tel. +31 243655299, Fax +31 243668752


Tentative Program




Keynote Speakers

15 April



Building bridges between monogenic and complex cognitive disorders

Evan Eichler (Seattle)

Hans Hilger Ropers (Berlin)

15 April



Genes and genetic networks disrupted in Intellectual Disability

Hans van Bokhoven (Nijmegen)

15 April



Disease mechanisms in Cognitive Disorders: Synaptic plasticity

Alcino Silva (Los Angeles)

Yann Humeau (Bordeaux)

15 April



Molecular mechanisms in Cognitive Disorders: epigenetic mechanisms

Henk Stunnenberg (Nijmegen)

Li-Huei Tsai (Cambridge, Ma)

15 April



Poster viewing


16 April



Molecular mechanisms in Cognitive Disorders: the synapse

Seth Grant (Edinburgh)

Stephan Sigrist (Berlin)

16 April



Molecular and cellular mechanisms of Cognitive Disorders

Jamel Chelly (Paris)

Guy Rouleau (Montreal)

16 April

Early Afternoon


Genomics in cognition across species (Extended session)


Yann Herault (Strasbourg)

Jonathan Flint (Oxford)

Annette Schenck (Nijmegen)

Chris Ponting (Oxford)

16 April



Social Event: Visit Paphos

Dinner and Party


17 April



Pre-clinical studies towards therapeutic intervention

Mara Dierssen (Barcelona)


17 April



Diagnostics and therapy: Current practice and future perspective

Philippos Patsalis (Nicosia)

Han Brunner (Nijmegen)

Cor Oosterwijk (EGAN)




Room for ~20 presentations selected from abstracts





















List of Keynote Speakers:






Hans van Bokhoven



Han Brunner



Jamel Chelly



Mara Diersen



Evan Eichler



Ype Elgersma



Jonathan Flint



Seth Grant



Yann Herault



Yann Humeau



Cor Oosterwijk



Philippos Patsalis



Chris Ponting



Hans-Hilger Ropers



Guy Rouleau



Annette Schenck



Stephan Sigrist



Alcino Silva


Los Angelos

Henk Stunnenberg



Li-Huei Tsai


Cambridge, MA



Become a conference sponsor:

We will bring together a group of top scientists (from young talents to prominent scientists), working on cognitive dysfunction in widely varying fields, including genetics, cellular, molecular and physiological studies, genomics and epigenomics and bioinformatics. If you like to raise awareness for your organization in this international audience of excellent scientists and patient network representatives we would welcome you to sponsor/ join the meeting. Sponsors will receive recognition in the conference program, the conference website and will be able to have a stand during the conference to display and advertise their products/services. To find out more information about becoming a sponsor, please contact: Dik Hagenbeek.