The European Conference on Rare Diseases & Orphan Products (ECRD 2024) – May 15-16 2024 Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium – The European Conference on Rare Diseases & Orphan Products (ECRD) is the largest, patient-led policy-shaping conference for rare diseases taking place in Europe. ECRD is an instrumental tool to achieve policy objectives for people living with a rare disease.

The conference aims to harness the power of our extensive network of partners, stakeholders and participants to activate and drive positive change. We count on your valuable contribution to help us achieve this. By coming together, we aim to build a multi-stakeholder consensus on a comprehensive approach to rare disease policy that can provide a footprint for the next EU legislative cycle.

The primary policy objective of ECRD 2024 is to ensure that rare diseases remain a top priority for the upcoming European political leadership, as the Conference sets a decisive platform to champion the integration of a comprehensive European Action Plan on rare diseases into the new EU legislative agenda, rooted in the recommendations of Rare 2030. Spanning a range of areas including early diagnosis, accessibility and affordability of treatments, social inclusion, research and innovation, national strategies and access to highly specialised care, such an Action Plan would encompass all policies and initiatives impacting people living with a rare disease at both European and national levels, establishing clear, measurable goals to be achieved by 2030.

ECRD is a great opportunity to translate the current political momentum into comprehensive actions for the EU’s next cohort of policymakers and leaders. The ECRD 2024 programme will do this by addressing the key policy areas that form part of a broader policy framework. The conference will culminate in the output of a co-created, open letter to the EU Institutions and country leaders where expectations of the community are clearly spelled out and conveyed to decision-makers in an unequivocal manner, leaving a solid legacy for the future EU leadership. You have the opportunity to be part of this significant moment!

For the first time in its history, ECRD will take place as a fully hybrid conference. Conceived as an inclusive conference, the event offers live captioning for each session in the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Greek, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian and Portuguese. This hybrid format is set to build on the success of the previous online conference, to expand outreach to key stakeholders, showcase strong political support and build momentum for the post-ECRD 2024 implementation. This approach is a direct response to the feedback from our community and emphasises our commitment to making the conference more accessible and engaging for all.

Get ready for the next ECRD, a fully hybrid conference taking place on 15 & 16 May 2024 online and at The Square in Brussels.

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