Europe Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property Rights Conference 2014

LSV Healthcare Conferences is proud to announce its Europe Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property Conference 2014 to be held on July 29 2014 at Cologne, Germany. It is to be co-located with Europe Clinical Trial Supply Conference 2014 and Europe Drug Discovery and Pre-clinical Development Conference 2014.

Key topics/themes involved:

  • International Regulatory Developments Impacting the Business Model of Generic Medicines Companies
  • Trade Issues Affecting Generic Medicines Worldwide
  • Risk Management and Pharmacovigilance: Analysis of the Current EU PV System and the Impact on Pharmaceutical Companies of Regulation
  • Joint anti-piracy and IP licensing compliance strategies
  • Defining cGMPs and the Global Scope of Their Importance
  • Business, Law Enforcement, and Education
  • Patent pools: new business model for the pharmaceutical industry
  • An FDA perspective on pharmaceutical quality, the supply chain and regulatory convergence
  • Regulatory dialogue and convergence: generic medicines industry perspective
  • Trade barriers in medicinal products: a general overview from the WTO
  • Novel Strategies for Growth in the Pharma and Regulatory Environment
  • The role of the legal function in negotiating and ensuring IP monetisation and protection
  • Regulatory Requirements for Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices and Healthcare Products
  • Optimal IP valuation and structuring

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